Project TitleRapid Pertussis Diagnosis on a Point-of-Care Biochip
Track Code2016-048
Short Description

The University of Texas at El Paso seeks a partner for licensing a microfluidic biochip to quickly diagnose pertussis, also known as whooping cough.


The point-of-care hybrid biochip can be used in various venues such as medical clinics, schools and other low-resource settings to rapidly detect pertussis. The inventors developed a fully battery-powered portable heating device that is compatible with the biochip for a nucleic acid amplification reaction. Results are detectable by the naked eye. By using a simple lysis buffer based method, clinical samples can be directly tested without complicated or time-consuming sample preparation and DNA isolation procedures.

Tagswhooping cough, LAMP reaction, Loop-mediated isothermal amplification, microfluidic, PDMS, biochip, diagnosis, hybrid, pertussis, point of care, rapid diagostic
Posted DateNov 14, 2016 6:15 PM


XiuJun (James) Li
Delfina Dominguez
Maowei Dou


Melissa Silverstein


  • Low-cost
  • Quick diagnosis
  • Highly sensitive and specific
  • Does not require external supplies or AC electricity
  • Fully battery-powered portable heating
  • Instrument free

Potential Applications

  • Medical clinics
  • School clinics
  • Pharmaceutical research

Contact Information

For more information, please contact UTEP's Office of Technology Commercialization at or 915-747-8030.


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