Project TitleSoftening of Brine Water and Salt Recovery
Track Code2015-031
Short Description

The University of Texas at El Paso seeks a partner for licensing a multiple step physical-chemical treatment that removes sulfate and hardness from brine water.


Pollution caused by natural brines and salt emissions creates a high concentration of salt in the environment. This innovation is a multi-step process to acquire high purity sodium chloride or other usable salts and minerals from high-salinity brines. The technology removes contaminates while producing usable salts and minerals through sulfate removal, softening, acidification, decarbonation, and evaporation. Patent Pending.

Tagsbrine water, desalination, minerals, salinity, salinity brine, salinity levels, salt, salt purification, sodium chloride, water treatment
Posted DateFeb 4, 2016 4:29 PM


William Walker
Osvaldo Broesicke
Priscilla Sandoval
John Walton


Melissa Silverstein


  • Less energy-intensive
  • More cost-effective
  • Process does not require limewater or caustic solution
  • Lowers potential environmental hazards
  • Brine purity can be controlled by chemical dose amounts

Potential Applications

  • Water industry
  • Oil industry
  • Environmental

Contact Information

For more information, please contact UTEP's Office of Technology Commercialization at or 915-747-8030


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